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About Single Malt Games by Single Malt Games

What's Single Malt Games about? (Hint: Nothing Much!)

Whisky Bottles and glass

What's This Now?

Posted by Single Malt Games on February 18, 2010

Single Malt Games is purely a bit of fun on my behalf. I've been messing around with Microsoft's XNA Game Studio for a little while now and figured I may as well talk about my experiences. I intend to focus on the why rather than the what or how. There are plenty of people who do what and how better than me, and I hope it will be interesting to follow the thought processes of a noob as he grows.

What I'm up to right now is drawing up all the information I have to date that is sprinkled around the 13 corners of the internets and setting it all up here. Blogs, Wikis and anything else I thought was a good idea. Then we're all go baby!

So stay tuned. There will be stuff. If you get me on a good day, some of it may even be interesting. I don't think we'll ever hit 'cool' though but I can hope. In the meantime checkout the Creator's Club Forum, to see a bunch of people talking about writing games in XNA!

XNA Playas

Posted by Single Malt Games on March 10, 2012

Why Single Malt?

Single Malt Whiskys

I enjoy Single Malt whiskeys and I enjoy coding so I combined the two into a name.

In no way am I comparing my coding skills to be on par with Single Malts though. :) If I were to extend the metaphor to my skills, then it would be more like the $1.50 bottle of plonk in the bargain bin.